The top is dyed and the first clear coats of finish are sprayed on
Because its top will be sunburst I dyed the maple top. After that the first coats of finish were sprayed on.

After spraying on a few coats of finish, the final colour is put on the control covers and the back
Then the top was masked and the back of the guitar was coloured. The photo shows the wooden control and tremolo covers. If you want to see what they looked like before, go back to the top. They are in the bottom right hand corner.

The top got its final sunburst finish
Finally I sprayed the sunburst on the top. After that the instrument was sprayed with clear coats of finish. Between spraying the coats have to be sanded which is why the headstock looks kind of misty.
Now it only takes a couple of coats and the instrument is ready for its hardware and pickups!


Finishing the Singlecut