I proudly present my latest steel string guitars:

Both are entirely made from Swiss woods, there are no exotic species used on neither of the two instruments.

They feature a spruce top, walnut face plates, maple bindings and fingerboards and bridges made out of Sonowood. Bodys and necks are either walnut or cherry.

I’m very happy with the Sonowood. It gives both instruments a superb sound!


Sonowood – Sustainable Tonewoods

It is my goal to build guitars that have as little impact on the environment as possible. Therefore I use local timber and avoid the use of exotic woods whenever possible.

For bridges and fingerboards Ebony and Rosewood were my choice of woods and I couldn’t find any local species to replace them.

Until now! On the two guitars I’m building right now I use Sonowood, which is maple that has been treated to achieve its actual hardness and color.

With Sonowood I’m able to build instruments with 100% local woods!