Matthias Wolfensberger, Wolfensberger Guitars


My name is Matthias Wolfensberger.
I built my first guitar at the age of 18. It was neither a beauty nor easy to play. Nevertheless I was hooked.
To improve my skills, the late Rolf Spuler taught me some basics about the setup of a guitar and woodworking in general.
A few years later I had the opportunity to build a classical guitar under the guidance of Fran├žois Corbellari who as well had to leave this earth much to early.

Matt Wolfensberger, luthier

In 1998 and 99 I worked for Larrivee Guitars in Vancouver BC.
After moving back to Switzerland in early 2000, I felt it was time to open my own shop and soon did repair work for a local guitar store. Aside from that I built the occasional acoustic or electric guitar.
In 2019 I started concentrating on building acoustic guitars using mainly local woods.