Not one of my guitars are identical. Neither in sound, nor in appearance.

They are built in a traditional way with traditional materials.

Nevertheless, it is very important to me that they possess their own sound and appearance .

To achieve this, I build everything from scratch, including the smaller components such as the binding, the purfling and the rosette. 

Working in this manner allows me a lot of freedom: I use a variety of body woods, I vary inlays, I carve necks differently or apply different bindings.

I want each guitar to be unique. Each instrument should have its own look and its own voice. Just like you!

It is my goal to build high quality, good sounding acoustic guitars with a full and transparent sound that are easy and comfortable to play.

My objective is to create a full sound where each note and each string is equally audible.

After more than twenty years of repair work, I know how important it is to have a low action without fret buzz. This improves the intonation and easily allows you to play for hours.

Whenever possible I use local wood. I sometimes know where a tree once stood, which has given life to a certain part of an instrument.

There is a lot of beautiful regional timber which unfortunately has not been used in guitar building. Some of these species are great sounding and have a stunning appearance. They have become my woods of choice and I take great pleasure in working with them.

As I do a lot of the sawing and drying myself, I have a large selection of unique tonewood, which allows me to build guitars that have their own look and sound.

It is important to me to build long lasting instruments that have the least possible impact on our environment and our planet’s resources.

Therefore, I use almost exclusively regional woods and often saw them myself.

A large part of the timber I use, which would have otherwise ended up as firewood or wood chips on a playground, originate from local sources.

Through many years of experince in instrument repair, I have aquired building methods which I know will produce long lasting guitars to be passed on to further generations.