The largest of my body sizes with a slightly longer scale length.
Slightly bigger than the Model SS with a body shape similar to the OM except for the larger dimensions.
Designed for Fingerstyle guitarists but of course it can be used for many other music styles.
Many options available: Florentine cutaway, scoop cutaway, armrest, soundport, pickup etc.


My version of a classic steel string model. Loosely based on the dimensions of a classic. The more pronounced waist makes it less boxy to look at and is more comfortable while you play it.
With its big body it produces a lot of volume and but still has distinguished tone.
Built with a spruce top. Body and neck are available in a range of local hardwoods like ash, flamed maple, cherry, walnut or pear.


Based on a classic guitar shape, slightly smaller in size than the SS but bigger than the PA.

Very versatile instrument, suitable for just about every playing style or music.
Defined, clear tone and a big sound. Yet comfortable to play because of its smaller size.

Available in a variety of tonewoods. Shown is one model with a cedar top, yew body, walnut neck and Sonowood fingerboard and bridge. The other instrument features a spruce top, cherry body and neck with a bubinga bridge and fingerboard.


My smallest steel string guitar shape. Ideal for finger picking, solo or single lines playing. Very responsive due to its small size with a lot of highs and mids.

The ones shown in the pictures have a spruce top. Bodies, necks and bindings are made from local hardwoods. Fingerboards and bridges are either Sonowood or plum.

Just like on my other models, I use a pinless design for the bridge. No more sore fingers because you can’t pull those pins …


Bariton Guitar based on the body of a Jumbo model guitar. Can be tuned to either B or A. Available with multiscale neck, armrest and various other features.

Made usually with a spruce top, body, neck and bindings from local hardwoods.
For fingerboard and bridge I often use Sonowood.


I’ve built a lot of different instruments, from Ukuleles to Electric and Acoustic Basses.
What you can see here is only a very small selection.
Some were custom orders which I only built once, others I made several variations of.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in anything particular!