New Thickness Sander

Shortly after opening up my first shop, I built a thickness sander. My father-in-law provided the motor and the drum, both with a pulley. I built the frame. It worked well and I had used it for more than fifteen years.

Unfortunately it wasn’t wide enough for the top or the back of an acoustic guitar, so I could only sand the halves. After joining them I always had to finish sand them by hand. This was very time consuming and I hated doing it.

Therefore I decided to replace it by something that is wide enough for jointed tops and backs. First I planed to widen my own design but because this proved to be too time consuming I decided against it and bought a brand new machine… 

Here it is! It’s a cool design and so far I’m very happy with it. Wide enough for guitar tops and backs, with a conveyor belt design that moves the items to be sanded… With my own design I was the one pushing the pieces through the sander…

V Mania

I’m working on two Jackson Vs right now.

Even though I’ve already spent a lot of time with them, there is still a lot to do: The Floyd Rose Trems are going to be replaced by Kahlers and the cuts in the Vs are going to be filled. That means a lot of routing an gluing in pieces of wood. After these are sanded flush, there is more routing to get the cavities for the new tremoloes and the desired outline of the Vs.

After all the wood work is done, both guitars are going to be finished in a dark metallic red. But that will be a while…


Routing a cavity in the back