I’ve been building guitars professionally for more than twenty years now. After building everything from ukuleles to to doublenecks to electric basses I realised that I wanted to focus on acoustic instruments which I’ve been building for about five years now.

Nevertheless I sometimes build custom guitars which are commissioned by customers who can’t find the instrument they are looking for on the market.

This is a collection of what I’ve built so far. If you’re interested in anything particular, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!



Solidbody electric guitar. Made from FSC mahogany with a maple top.
Chambered body to reduce weight. Wooden binding on fingerboard.
Oiled body and neck to let you feel the wood. Nitrocellulose finish on top and headstock for stunning looks.
Pickups by Häussel


Steel Bass

Based on an existing model. The owner looked for something more balanced with the same looks and a particular sound. I put a long upper horn on the body and carved a ribbevel into its back which made the bass very stable even though the instrument is huge.


LPJ Spartan

Based on a model I had in my collection for a while. The owner asked for only one pickup and a volume pot. He wanted a star in the headstock, so I moved the wolf onto the end of the fretboard.



Probably the most labour intense electric guitar I’ve ever built. Mahogany body and neck with a carved maple top. Bound ebony fretboard with mother of pearl inlays. Tremolo instead of a tuneomatic bridge and tailpiece.



Two instruments in one: Doubleneck with a guitar neck and a medium scale bass neck.