I’ve been building guitars professionally for more than twenty years now.

After having built everything from ukuleles to doublenecks to electric basses I realised that with the small number of instruments I finish per year it makes more sense to focus on one species. I decided on acoustic steel string guitars.

Nevertheless I sometimes build custom guitars. In the past, these were often electric guitars but I also built ukuleles or an acoustic bass.

On this page are some samples of what I’ve built so far. If you’re interested in anything particular, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!


Doblo Special

Custom made electric guitar.
It’s owner wanted something that looked like a telly but with a warm sound and built from timber that are something to look at.
We settled on P90s for pick up, basic but functional wiring with master volume and tone and a 3 way switch.
Body and neck are made from walnut with a Sonowood maple fingerboard that has a mother of pearl inlay in the 12th fret.



Solidbody electric guitar. Made from FSC mahogany with a maple top.
Chambered body to reduce weight. Wooden binding on fingerboard.
Oiled body and neck to let you feel the wood. Nitrocellulose finish on top and headstock for stunning looks.
Pickups by Häussel


Steel Bass

Based on an existing model. The owner looked for something more balanced with the same looks and a particular sound. I put a long upper horn on the body and carved a ribbevel into its back which made the bass very stable even though the instrument is huge.


LPJ Spartan

Based on a model I had in my collection for a while. The owner asked for only one pickup and a volume pot. He wanted a star in the headstock, so I moved the wolf onto the end of the fretboard.



Two instruments in one: Doubleneck with a guitar neck and a medium scale bass neck.


Acoustic Bass

Acoustic bass guitar with a low B string. Full scale string length. Soundholes in upper bout and sides to have a bigger area of the top which can vibrate without being restricted by braces.
Built with a spruce top, a cherry body and maple neck. These woods were harvested locally. Fingerboard made of sustainably harvested Katalox. Body finished with nitrocellulose lacquer, neck oiled to keep the wooden touch.
Built in LR Baggs pickup to amplify its acoustic sound.

Soprano Ukulele

Soprano Ukulele made from local tonewoods. My goal was to create the Ukulele sound with unusual material. And it does sound like a jumping flea!
The top is a bit wider than on most other instruments but the string length is  not more than the regular 34 cm.