Ups … , it’s already the end of January and I haven’t posted anything since early December

I’m working on an electric bass which I’ve developed with a customer. We started in September and it took a long time choosing and ordering all the parts and materials and sketching and drawing the whole instrument.

In January I started actually building and the photos show you how far I am right now. The body needs to get its actual shape, what I could I already routed, the rest I have to do by hand. A lot of the work was done by my CNC router which I used for the first time to build a guitar body.

The pieces for the neck blank were glued together, the headstock veneer is on and the channel for the truss rod is routed. I resawed the fingerboard blank from a piece of rosewood I had sitting around in the shop for almost ten years. 

Click on the pictures to see them completely.

Custom Made Bass

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