collar bone with bolted on plate

Maybe you wondered why I haven’t posted anything in such a long time.

Thing is, I couldn’t really work for a while. In spring I broke my collar bone. Though the fractured bone had been fixed with some heavy metal the surgeons bolted to onto it, I wasn’t allowed to lift more than a kilo with it.

How do you work on a guitar if you’re not allowed to apply more force than 10 Newton with one arm? First you think: ‘What the heck!’, and you do as much as you have work. Then your shoulder starts aching and when you visit your physiotherapist the next time she tells you not on keep on going like you did ’cause it might take even longer to heal. That really scares you, so you fiddle around with your 3d printer instead and you update your website…

Luckily that’s all in the past now and I’m back at work and hopefully adding new posts more often than I did.



Fractured Collarbone