New Guitar

The bariton guitar I started building a while ago is finished!

Except for the fingerboard and the bridge, the entire instrument is made from local woods: The body is made of cherry, the top is alpine spruce and all the bindings, purflings and decorations are made from maple and walnut. 

I’m very proud of the Neo-Celtic Knot inlays in the back and in the fretboard. The designs are my own as well.

The instrument has a pinless bridge and an armrest on the upper bout to make it more comfortable to play.

Click on the photos to see details!


Bariton Gitarre

Mein neuestes Projekt… eine Bariton Gitarre. Begonnen habe ich damit schon vor etwa fünf Jahren, dann ist es aber in der Versenkung verschwunden. 

Nun soll endlich ein Instrument daraus werden: Decke aus Alpenfichte, Korpus aus Kirschbaum… Wenn es mehr zu sehen gibt, werde ich weitere Fotos posten.